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Hello there 👋! My name is Rem. I'm a Software Engineer👨‍💻 with more than 8 years of experience. With this blog I would like to share knowledge and hope you find something useful for you! Enjoy 🎉!

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How to build a website and go live in minutes

Here is a quick way to build and launch your website in minutes!

Buying new house in Canada

I bought a house in Canada and would like to share my experience.

How to make Autocomplete in React.js with Fuse.js

In this guide I will teach you how to build Autocomplete input with Fuse.js and React.js

Preparing for Coding Interview

Here are my tips on preparing for Coding Interview

Tips on preparing for an interview as a Software Engineer

Getting hired as a Software Engineer can be tough. Let me give you some important tips that helped me!

Migrate from Rails to React two simple approaches

Migration from legacy Rails app to React can be a challenge, I have helped 2 companies to perform a migration and would like to share 2 different approaches those companies used.

How to fix Google - looks like you're in a different country from the family manager

Recently wanted to add my wife to my YouTube Premium subscription, however Google does not allow to add family members if they have different address

Saving blogs as JSON files. Next.js blog Part 2

In previous blog I showed how to setup basic Next.js project. Here I will explain how to setup your own CMS and save blogs locally using Lambda functions.

Setting up your Next.js Blog

How to setup and deploy your Next.js Blog? In this series I will describe the process of setting up Next.js project and deploying it to vercel.com

Use Context API, avoid Props Drilling

I bet everyone who works with React on day to day basis knows what it "Props Drilling". Passing props down the component tree can become quite a burden. Hers is how Context API can solve that problem!

My first Blog!

I've been reading a lot of blogs on a day to day basis, but never recorder any of my personal blogs. I think its time to catch up!

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