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Rem Kim - 2022-06-25

Building habits with friends

Building habits with friends

Having trouble working out consistently? or want to wake up earlier? Try this and build new habits and earn some cash


In my profession being a Software Engineer I find it hard to workout consistently. Also I find it hard to find any motivation to workout when you always home and kitchen with snacks is 2 meters away and I was not alone here. I wanted to make it a habit, I wanted to be fit and help other people with this too.

What I did?

2 months ago I asked my team at work if they want to participate in 30 days fitness challenge. Explained rules and everyone agreed to participate. Here are rules:

  • Workout/Fitness activity for 30 minutes a day
  • Submit proof fitness tracker screenshot or photo
  • put $50 into prize pool
  • Whoever did more workouts gets prize money
  • If multiple winners split the pot
  • Keep track of progress in spreadsheet

How did this challenge help?


It is very motivating seeing people posting pictures of their workout. Also winning money is very motivating!


At certain point people


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