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Rem Kim - 2022-02-07

Vendure + Turborepo. Turbocharge your developer experience

Vendure + Turborepo. Turbocharge your developer experience

Improving plugin developer experience for Vendure headless ecommerce CMS with Turborepo

What this blog is aiming for is to describe a monorepo solution to make developer experience when working with multiple repos seamless.

The problem

Let me describe my problem.

I've recently discovered Vendure for my ecommerce project. It had exactly what I wanted. Open source, headless ecommerce CMS with GraphQL API and Admin panel + all extra features you want can be added/extended using plugins.

Documentation is very good and it also has examples for how to both extend API and Admin UI using plugins. It becomes quite a cumbersome when working with multiple repositories or spinning up developer environment in a separate repos just for a plugin. There is a template repo for just that.


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